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22 September 2012 @ 02:17 am
Sometimes, Sehun takes the train to school. Sometimes he stops at the local coffee shop for one of his default baked breakfast goods, and maybe a latte if he's got time. Scones are never an incorrect option. Sometimes on the bike ride over to the train station it'll rain. And he'll have an umbrella with him, because these sometimes are a little more often than he honestly cares for.

One of these sometimes is today. He's somewhat early, as he always is, making his way down into the train station crowded with other black umbrellas, when he sees him.

He doesn't have an umbrella. His hair is damp from the rain, and his hair is a dark auburn, but an auburn nonetheless, in a sea of umbrella covered sameness. He's weaving through the throng of limbs at a graceless, panicked pace, eyes wide and decidedly doe-like, and it hits Sehun that the doe-eyed stranger is pretty in a really disarming way.

He doesn't decide to follow him, but they end up in the same car, forced to stand by the ingress, nearly crowded into the sliding doors. Sehun would much rather sit by a window on these kinds of days, but he finds himself standing across from the damp haired boy. His eyes are even wider up close, and the way his mussed hair plasters itself against his forehead, Sehun thinks, is not unattractive.

Sometimes, Sehun supposes, his tendency to observe people and read into their personalities without speaking to them leads to erred judgement and an inclination to augment reality.

But it's not any sort of mental fabrication when the stranger reaches over to shake his hand with a small (shy?) smile and articulate in meticulous Korean,

"...Hi. My name is Luhan."
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